Integrated Science

Taught by: Marie Carver/Willow Myrland

While the JGEMS will teach the Salem-Keizer Public School integrated earth/life/physical science curriculum to all its students, it will also add an expanded environmental focus. The program will stress inquiry and laboratory skills. The three full years of science instruction will focus on developing concept knowledge, skills and the questioning mindset necessary for a strong science foundation. Science will be taught through direct instruction and science inquiry where students are encouraged to explore and develop their own questions, and then to design experiments to answer those questions. Students will learn to think like scientists, to gather data, to develop conclusions and to communicate their results through oral and written presentations.

Instructional Materials:
- Prentice Hall Science Explorer, 6th grade text and supplemental materials.
- The Local Environment, 7th grade text for FAST program. Fundamental Approaches to Science Teaching
- Prentice Hall Science Explorer, 8th grade text and supplemental materials.

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